Spanish Female Teacher Impregnated By Her Lower Sixth Student in Yaounde

There are rumors that a Lower Sixth student got his Spanish teacher pregnant. Quite intriguing, huh? In Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon, this occurred at Lycée de Biyem-Assi. They have reportedly been dating in secret for some time. It is important to note that relationships between students and teachers are completely forbidden.

As far as we know, the claim was validated by a few of the student’s classmates and friends who were close to the teacher of Spanish. revealing that the two had been having a romantic relationship secretly without the administration’s knowledge for some time.


The student didn’t begin boasting about “banging” his teacher hard until after she got pregnant and a disagreement arose between her and her student boyfriend.

Like every rumor, it had spread to everyone’s ears before being discovered by the government. She confessed she had dated her student and was now pregnant for him after being called in by the administrative team to clear the air.

The aforementioned instructor is currently serving a suspension along with her lover, a student, until a staff meeting to determine their future.


Government High School, Biyem Assi’s management has, however, forbidden any type of lewd attire by its staff, particularly female teachers, on campus. Some rumors even claim that the scandalous Spanish teacher had a reputation for dressing indecently.

The school’s head is quoted as saying in a press release from November 12th: “I have the honor to remind all Biyem-Assi high school employees that upholding the code of good behavior is a moral and professional duty. Because it is a part of our duties as educators as well as supervisors.


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