Moshe Ndiki welcomes a new baby

Moshe Ndiki recently made known the newest member of his family.

The celebrity has declared his excitement over his new pet.

Moshe lost his puppy in June, and he was devastated by the sudden death.

I’ve been struggling the most the past two days, trying to put it aside just so I could work and we could just work, and telling myself I’d weep on Sunday, baby I love you so much @sugarndiki. I’m glad to have loved you, known you, and been your dad and mom. I hope the other side treats you well,” he added.

Well, he just received a new puppy and is already living comfortably because Vuyo Ngcukana and a friend joined them for breakfast.

Welcome home, little one; many thanks, Mabongs. First stop for Sweetness Sulezinyembezi Ndiki: Breakfast at Tasha’s in Sandton, he said in the caption.

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