ZNBC Presenter, Patricia Mapiki shares n#des on her WhatsApp status – See Pictures


Patricia Mapiki, a ZNBC presenter, posts n#des as her WhatsApp status. In Zambia, a scandal is always brewing. We’ve just switched over from Don’t Move Martha, and our new host is Patricia Mapiki of ZNBC! You sleep and snooze in the world of labor and joy. Well, it’s a new day and already something is popular, and this time it’s a well-known TV personality.

After revealing her n#des on Whatsapp, ZNBC reporter and presenter Patricia Mapiki is making headlines online.

Patricia Mapiki is claimed to have published the images to her WhatsApp Status while intending to send them to someone else. The photos were promptly shared by one of her connections, and it appears that they have gone viral ever since.


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