Top 10 Cameroonian Songs of 2022

The top 10 songs from these new acts that have revolutionized the Cameroonian music landscape are provided for you in this post.
With each year that goes by, it seems as though the rate at which music is released from the Cameroonian music industry is accelerating quickly. New artists who have studied, learned, and mastered the game of music in Cameroon are presented to us year after year.

We have witnessed and heard fresh voices in 2022 that we predict will have an impact on the music business. “New Waves” is the name given to them. The top 10 songs from these new acts that have revolutionized the Cameroonian music landscape are provided for you in this post. Although some of these artists may be familiar to you and others may be completely unknown, we are certain that your next favorite playlist can be discovered here.


10. “Bend Down Fine” by REMii

REMii is back with another electrifying song to seduce the ladies after lighting up the world with back-to-back successes like “Ma Vie” and “Mon Amour.” “Bend Down Fine” is the name of his most recent single. We can all now agree that Kang Quintus Music is a skilled performer, and that his strong vocals and easy charisma go hand in hand. In this song, REMii talks extensively about his girlfriend, calling her the most stunning woman on earth.


9. “Wise Up” by Snow Meraki featuring Mic Monsta

This year, the fast-rising rapper Snow Meraki caught our attention, and we are fans. The rapper had only released a freestyle at first on his social media accounts. He was moved to drop the hit because he was so well-liked. Fans of music were appetizing, but “Wise Up” by Snow Meraki seemed to be the cure. The song “Wise Up” is full with wisdom, as the title suggests. This song’s listeners are very connected to it. Mic Monsta has a knack with words, and his inclusion in the song gave it additional energy.


8. “New Journey” by Marnick

The Marnick song “New Journey” is your go-to choice if you’re looking for the ideal rhythmic balance. It’s a dynamic song with a lot of repeat potential. The relatable tale of every new beginning in life is told in “New Journey.” The artist put all of herself into this song, including the sounds, lyrics, and lovely music video. Marnick’s subsequent tracks have shown that she is on the correct track and will be relevant in the business for a very long time, therefore it was truly a “New Journey” for her.




7. “Take Over” by Phido featuring AWU

Phido, a next-rated outstanding vocalist who entered our music industry with his song “Take Over,” is another. A captivating tune with a flawless fusion of Afrobeat and some truly original and inventive vocal agility. This song, “Spiritual,” features Awu, an Afro-fusion vocalist, and it appears like Young Phido is ready to take over the music industry. The number 6 song on our list, “Take Over,” has a winning sound and ought to be on your playlist.


6. “Nobi Lie” by Ego & Prido


The duo “Ego & Prido,” with their debut single “Nobi Lie,” is the next group of very skilled singers to break into the music business in 2022. Another new wave song that is well-liked and admired by many is “Nobi Lie,” which is ranked number 5 on our list. This paved the door for the duo, who not only rose to fame but also won their first accolades and had their EP reach the top of the charts on music streaming services.




5. “Perfect” by Loic Sumfor

In a short amount of time, Loic Sumfor has quietly won our hearts. And this time, he offered us nothing less than the “Perfect” eternal love song. Loic Sumfor possesses that special touch. Despite the singer’s limited discography, every song he releases has a chance to be a smash. His singing and his capacity to create chorus lines that are instantly contagious will keep him in the music industry for the time being. However, I must caution you about how addictive this song is. The internet has been cooing and crying over Loic’s new song, which is currently one of the finest love ballads.




4. “I Remember” by Lill Humble

Lill Humble’s songwriting may have a strong Hip Hop influence, but he possesses more than enough warmth and vigor to establish a new identity in the field. The rapidly growing rapper secured a slot at the coveted top shelf of charts with this song, and he hasn’t slowed down since. He frequently appears alongside A-list performers, which supports this. Lill Humble is a rising artist whose songs have demonstrated to music lovers that he is a force to be reckoned with. The jam calls for number four.





3. Bread by Raizy (Musango)

Raizy, a rapidly rising singer, surprised the music industry with his original “Bread (Musango)” afrobeat hustle anthem. Without a visual, Raizy’s “Bread” quickly rose up the charts, propelling the artist even deeper into the spotlight. As a rising star in the Cameroonian music scene, Raizy stands out from the crowd thanks to his distinctive musical taste and sound. “Bread” ends up being the song that everyone enjoys. The song appeals to everyone’s emotions and keeps listeners in shape.



2. “Deja Vu” by Lioc Sumfor feat. Pecutie

Lioc Sumfor & Pecutie’s “Deja Vu,” one of many new wave songs that went viral in 2022, holds a particular place in our hearts. The song, which was released in the first few months of the year, rapidly went viral and trended on TikTok after its release. For lovers, “Deja vu” is the ideal love song. You will concur with us when we say that “Deja vu” is one of the biggest underground tracks of 2022 and deserves to be included on our list. To be quite honest, this song is enticing and will undoubtedly make you want to fall in love, but I won’t send you a love letter. LOL.



“People” by Libianca, No. 1

The songwriting and vocals of Libianca have a heartwarming air of closeness. Every line leaves you with the impression that she has exposed her entire soul, and you feel as though you are caught in her own universe. In “People,” a broken and imprisoned soul is tragically shown as having no one to care for them. This has a unique impact because everyone can relate to the song. You’ll all agree that this music is deserving of being at the top. Her unendingly exquisite abilities in “People” demonstrate that Libianca would undoubtedly remain relevant for a very long time. The singer has quickly gained notoriety, becoming a household name. and holds the distinction of becoming the first Cameroonian to appear on the Billboards. Credit must be given where credit is due.


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