Song Review: Agust D (BTS Suga) – Amygdala


I already wrote about Agust D’s Haegeum in detail, so this review for follow-up Amygdala will be brief. It’s an interesting choice for promotion via music video, delving the depths of his past traumas to create a kind of tone poem.

Someone in the sociology/psychology field needs to do a study on vocal effects/vocal processing in pop music. There’s more to this than aesthetic. Technology gives artists the chance to obscure or transform their voices in so many different ways, and these stylistic choices reflect compelling ideas of what it means to be a pop star in the modern age.

In the case of Amygdala, the effects give the song a cavernous feel. It’s unsettling and dark, reflecting the lyrical content and overall sense of desperation. Like Haegeum, I can appreciate the artistic merit in these choices. But, I can’t say I enjoy listening to this song or want to go back for a replay. It’s tricky, because that’s sort of the point here. My ratings scale doesn’t do a great job reflecting “admirable art I don’t personally want to experience,” so take my opinion with a huge grain of salt (as you always should!).

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