Royal AM: Tweeps React To Andile Mpisane’s Time & Roles On The Pitch


Andile Mpisane

Andile Mpisane is once more in danger. It seems that the singer receives criticism every day for some reason or another. If not for his mother’s wealth, it would be because of his relationship or “lack of talent” as a performer and vocalist.

This time, however, tweeps are citing several factors at once and questioning whether Andile Mpisane isn’t benefiting from his wealth, influence, and power rather than his abilities.

The owner of one of the male teams in the Premier South African League, Royal Am, is Andile Mpisane. He is also its captain and one of its players. Talk among fans regarding the scenario was morbid. They contend that Andile wears the armband rather than a more seasoned or talented player since he serves as the club’s chairman (or part owner). Another popular joke is that he might decide to start rewarding himself when the squad succeeds in the morning. Check out a few of the comments down below.




It would be interesting to observe if Andile’s sporadic criticism affects his performance on the field given that he appears to have a significant advantage over most people his age.

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