Miley Cyrus Drops ‘River’ Visuals

Miley Cyrus Drops ‘River’ Visuals

Miley Cyrus Drops ‘River’ Visuals. The official music video for Miley Cyrus’ second single, “River,” has been released.

Miley Miley, go!


Miley Cyrus is enjoying herself immensely. Some would argue that this is the pinnacle of her professional career. From the announcement of her eighth studio album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” Miley has given fans the idea that the music is top-notch. And it is, in fact.

“Flowers,” the first single from the album, was released by the vocalist. The song went viral right after, dominating charts throughout the world for several weeks and breaking records on Spotify. Although Miley has finally launched her new album and second song, she is still not done.

After teasing it for some time, the “Midnight Sky” star has released the black-and-white music video for her song “River.” Fans waited a long time for this one. Of course, it does meet high expectations. Check it out below.

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