Meet DJ Fresh’s Wife Of 20 Years And Know The Reason Behind Their Divorce

DJ Fresh, born Thato Sikwane on October 15, 1972 in Gaborone, Botswana, has been in the entertainment sector for over 30 years and is unquestionably one of the country’s most accomplished DJs.

As the saying goes, every successful man has a wife, and DJ Fresh’s wife (now divorced) has been by his side for almost 20 years.

Everything you need to know about DJ Fresh’s wife, including their divorce and children, is right here.

Who is DJ Fresh’s wife?

Thabiso Sikwane, DJ Fresh’s wife (now ex-wife), is a stunning woman. According to sources, she is a swimming coach who runs a swimming academy as well as an advocate for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.


DJ Fresh and his ex-wife met at YFM in 1997. They married on September 11, 2002, after dating for over five years.

DJ Fresh and Thabiso Sikwane were regarded as a “IT” pair during their 20-year marriage. They frequently appeared in interviews, discussing their marriage and offering advise and hints on how other couples may make their marriages work based on their own experiences.

Although the pair exhibited an unified front and an image of a flawless marriage in public, their relationship, like many couples, had some issues, and they regrettably parted ways after two decades.

DJ Fresh divorce

After rumors for a few months that DJ Fresh and Thabiso’s marriage was over and that they had split up, a close friend of the former power couple confirmed that the Sikwanes were indeed getting a divorce.

The friend, who did not want to be named, told Sunday World that the Sikwanes had been having problems for a while and that DJ Fresh’s wife had decided to file for divorce after talking to her family.

DJ Fresh’s divorce from his ex-wife has not been like most celebrity divorces, which are usually loud, messy, and full of drama. In fact, the two have said that they are still good friends.

DJ Fresh said, when talking about his divorce, that he and his ex-wife had been living apart for more than two years and that the divorce was just a formality. He also said that he and Thabiso still loved each other and that the reason they were getting a divorce was because they stopped talking as husband and wife.

DJ Fresh and Thabiso have been very serious about their divorce, so it is not clear if it is over or not yet.

DJ Fresh’s children

DJ Fresh and his ex-wife have three wonderful kids. After getting a divorce, they are said to share parenting duties with each other.

The talented performer also has two other kids from relationships with other women. He has two boys and three girls all together.

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