MacG Accuses Sony Music Of Exploitation

MacG, the presenter of the podcast & Chill, exposes Sony Music for attempting to exploit him in plain daylight. MacG expresses his gratitude to his lawyer, who methodically reviewed the deal only to discover stipulations that granted Sony perpetual rights to all of MacG’s music.

MacG is grateful to his lawyer for saving him from making a bargain with the devil. This comes after Sony Music approached MacG about a possible working arrangement. Things went wrong when MacG sent the contract to his lawyers. Sony Music was clearly working behind the scenes to abuse MacG.

“So, I went out to Sony cause I don’t want to do all the admin ad Sony is a big company. They sent me the contract ‘dawg’ about thirty pages, so I sent it to my lawyer ‘shout out to Tanya’. She came back and there was in clause in there, now I am paraphrasing but there was a clause in there that said, after three years of the contract they will own my music forever” said MacG

“MacG expose record label SONY for recently offering him a slave contract Apparently P Diddy gave out to a big artist, similar to what MacG rejected #PodcastAndChill Music industry is a cutthroat” wrote This Is Colbert

The furious MacG inserts that after returning the contract to have certain terms modified. Sony promptly responded, stating that they would no longer pursue the contract.

“So we sent it back in an email saying ‘okay cool, we like the contract but please amend this clause and this clause and this clause. They replied back saying ‘ah sorry we don’t want to pursue this contract anymore, good luck” said MacG

Tweeps are outraged and at the same time in complete disbelief at the exploitation that artists and musicians go through at the hands of record labels because of certain clauses. Tweeps have gone and made an example with Zahara who has had her fair share of conflict with her record label.

“Maybe this what happened to Zahara…” wrote Sthembiso Ngemah


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