Lerato Kganyago tells Musa Khawula to leak her n#des

Lerato Kganyago, a prominent media figure in Mzansi, keeps chuckling while pointing the middle finger in the direction of Musa Khawula, a contentious entertainment blogger.

Lerato has made it abundantly obvious that she is not afraid of Musa and has grown weary of responding to his baseless accusations, ongoing harassment, and cyberbullying against her online.

It goes without saying that they are bitter rivals, and their conflict keeps getting worse as Musa irritates Lerato. Following his threat to post pictures of The Metro FM host’s nakedness online on Wednesday, the blogger created quite a commotion on social media.

After Lerato was accused of fabricating ownership of the opulent 12 on Hillel Villa and Spa in Northcliff, Johannesburg, he made the aforementioned claim. Since receiving the hotel as a Valentine’s Day gift from her husband Thami Dlala, Learato has been the subject of incessant inquiries over the hotel’s ownership.

She came bearing receipts and made it evident that she was the hotel’s owner, but on Wednesday, Musa attacked her. He charged her with lying once more. Musa disclosed a court order that the City of Johannesburg had sent to the hotel’s proprietor, Ndlala. The court order was issued as a result of unpaid municipal bills. It was clear from the court documents that Lerato did not own the hotel.



Sis eventually came clean and admitted that she had “removed herself as a member of 12 on Hillel Villa Spa months ago to focus on her other enterprises” during an Instagram live session.

If Lerato persisted in provoking her, Musa threatened to drop more bombshells. Lerato’s nudes will be leaked online, the blogger threatened. Lerato Kganyago said, “Her p**sy images are spreading online. Her face being visible is the finest part, and I like that for us. Try me, girls,” he urged.

An unbothered Lerato replied to the post and said he must leak them instead of his endless talks and threats “DO IT! DO IT! STOP TALKING,” she replied.

Musa further made startling accusations against Lerato, accusing her of allegedly sleeping with the then Mayor of Ekurhuleni Mzwandile Masina. “Lerato Kganyago baby I don’t have secrets but please talk about you fucked Mzwandile Masina and his wife called you to order coz she was pregnant and your uterus that can’t carry children had you have 10 miscarriages including Masina’s child,” alleged Musa.

Additionally, he alleged that Lerato had cheated on her husband and promised to detail Lerato’s alleged scandals well on his YouTube account.

“Lerato baby remember when you sent thugs to threaten my family, well turns out I haven’t forgotten. See you on Youtube for a better narration of how you lied about owning your hotel, your failure to pay your employees’ rent, and how they moved to Alberton. Also, baby, are you ready to talk about your hoeism within your marriage because I am,” he alleged.

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