Busi Lurayi body was found with injuries, blood

Investigations into Busi Lurayi’s death are still ongoing, therefore there appear to be many unanswered questions. The celebrity’s funeral was held last week after her passing on July 10. After being excused from set because she wasn’t feeling well, Busi was reportedly discovered dead in her daughter’s room.

Additionally, it has been said that she was discovered with obvious wounds and that blood was gushing from her mouth. According to the publication, a source who is a close friend reported that her body was discovered with injuries and blood dripping from her mouth.


She was discovered dead in her daughter’s room by her father Freddy Mokoena. Apparently, Busi’s body was bruised on her legs and in her mouth when the policeman arrived.

“If she died of natural causes, then why did she have bruises on her legs and why was blood gushing out of her lips when her father found her lying down in her bedroom?” the insider questioned to the publication. There’s a problem here. We eagerly await the findings of the autopsy report.

The insider also assured the newspaper that Busi had no enemies and expressed confidence in the police’s ability to fully investigate the circumstances surrounding her passing.


She was a happy lady who was adored by everyone in the globe; she had no enemies. She would never provoke or damage somebody, therefore it would be startling if someone did. The police should conduct a complete investigation.

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